Mary Dolman’s “Here & Back” at the Arts Underground

This Friday, September 17th, from 5-8pm – come see Mary Dolman’s exhibition “Here & Back” – here at the Arts Underground (15-305 Main Street, Whitehorse). Exhibition closes October 13.

Mary Dolman

“In creating the paintings for ‘Here and Back’, I have aimed to express a sense of time and place that reflects the experience of people who live and work in the Yukon today. This body of work looks at some of the challenges, vicissitudes and opportunities for enjoyment in the extremes of climate and vast distances between settlements.

“I feel that most of what I know about art is self taught, because I see it as an intuitive process. As a Metis woman I find a sense of purpose in giving form to my point of view. I perceive connections in the world around, me and between people from all walks of life.” – Mary Dolman

Mary DolmanMary Dolman – Circulation #1, Circulation #2, Garden of Remembered Colours, Breaking Point from the 2010 DCAS Members show at the Confluence Gallery


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