2010-2011 Challenges

2010-2011 Confluence Online Art Gallery Challenges

The Confluence art blog is a great way to participate in KIAC programs without venturing out in the cold. Respond to the monthly themes with topical work in any medium (paintings, drawings, photographs, poetry, fiction, non-fiction etc. ). The themes are open to your interpretation.

Ready for your close up.

NOVEMBER:  Lost and Found
Finders keepers.

May your days be merry.

Cheers to beginnings, resolutions, and discoveries.

Loves and letters in headlights.

MARCH:  Secrets
What happens on the Confluence blog stays on the Confluence blog.

APRIL:  Black and White
In honour of the 12th Dawson City International Short Film Festival, a theme that evokes the silver screen.

MAY:  Far
So, thus, away and out.

Submissions are open to everyone.  Please send your images to kiac (at) kiac (dot) ca. Digital files only please. Images and text can be sent anytime during the month you wish to submit to. Preferences for images: jpegs, about 500 x 500 pixels. Text-based works can be attached as a Word document or sent in the body of an e-mail.  Feel free to accompany submissions with descriptive text or an artist statement.


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