2010-2011 Challenges / Lost and Found

KIAC’s Lost and Found Collection

In honour of this month’s theme, KIAC presents our extraordinary Lost and Found collection. See something you recognize? Covet any of these treasures? Stop by the Arts & Crafts Christmas Bazaar this Saturday, November 27th to claim or collect. After this weekend, these hot items are gone gone gone.

We have a variety of styles for adults:

Pick from casual or formal, depending on your needs. Or try layering for some fashion fusion!

We also have some smaller couture for your tiny fashionistas:

Time to accessorize! Who’s missing a hat?

Stolen Horses?  More like Stolen Style, if you pick this cap up on Saturday! From summer to winter, KIAC’s Lost and Found will help you transition between our two seasons of the year.

Need some shades, cool guy?

We’ve got Sporty Stems, Princess Pink, and Sassy Hearts.


You want gloves and mitts? We’ve got gloves and mitts!

From pink pairs to a lonely black CAT, we’ll keep your hand(s) warm.


Up next, our clip on collection!

Instant disguise, proven to clip off easily.


Any idea who this CD collection belongs to?

It’s an alternative rock listener’s jackpot. More Pearl Jam than you ever thought possible!


And finally, the pièce de résistance.
What is this dragon/dinosaur thing? How did it get to KIAC? Can we find it a good home?

Please stop by and browse our bountiful Lost and Found collection. Make it work, Dawson!

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