Education and Outreach / Performing Arts

Family Coffee House – February 19th

We had another great Family Coffee House here at KIAC this past Saturday, with performances from regular musicians and some new faces, as well as hearing a new instrument!

Peter Menzies started off the evening by leading a version of the Virginia Reel, with musical accompaniment by Simon Crelli and Florian Boulais. It’s often a challenge to contain the excitement and energy of the younger attendees at our Family Coffee Houses, but Peter does a great job with his square dances!

Dan Davidson played several songs on acoustic guitar, including “The Cat Came Back,” a song made popular by Fred Penner but has actually been around since the late 19th century!

Florian played some very avant-garde electronic music using a piece of DJ looping equipment called the Kaoss Pad, using Final Fantasy/Owen Pallett as an example of a musican who employs similar equipment and processes in his musical composition. Florian hopes to create tracks with his accordion, drums, and voice for future songs.

Peter played with Simon, and performed a Family Coffee House theme song and a clever political folk song.

Coffee House newcomer Logan Laird warned the crowd that he was going to “take things down a notch” with some slow, sad ballads. It’s hard to be too sad when you hear Logan’s beautiful, full voice!

Tiss Clark (who also teaches piano lessons at KIAC) played some lovely songs on the keyboard, including a rhapsody that impressed everyone with her technical prowess.

The next Family Coffee House is Saturday, March 19th during Thaw-di-Gras weekend. As always, everyone is welcome to perform, no matter your experience level. Admission is by donation, and there are delicious, healthy snacks at the concession. Hope to see and/or hear you there!


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