Performing Arts

David Friesen Trio

We were extremely lucky to have the David Friesen Trio in Dawson on February 24th and 25th.

On the 24th, they performed at Robert Service School for the entire student body.

On the afternoon of the 25th, the trio lead a workshop on jazz for local musicians.

And on the evening of the 25th, they performed for the community in the KIAC Ballroom.

From Clive Betts, local musician and jazz enthusiast:

The jazz was amazing and what a treat to see world class musicians in our tiny community. David Friesen not only looks like Einstein but he is an Einstein on the bass. He plays like no other Jazz bassist I’ve ever seen.  He plays sitting down and hold his bass like a cello.  With hair flying around and body swaying, he was obviously deeply in the groove.  He laid down some amazing licks and delivered them with such intense passion.  The 3 of them really communicated well with each other.  As David would say, we’re having a conversation.  I hope to see more great jazz like this in the future, like Don Thompson and Terry Clark …who are Canadian legends in their own time!

KIAC would like to thank the following organizations for making these events possible:

To Jazz Yukon– Our partner in presenting the David Friesen Trio in concert at KIAC on February 25th and in concert at Robert Service School on February 24th.

To North Klondyke Highway Music Society-  Partner in the community workshop with David Friesen Trio.

KIAC also gratefully acknowledges support from YTG Tourism & Culture.

*Photos by Tara Rudnickas

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