Film Fest

Film Fest Previews: Rozalind MacPhail and Brenda Longfellow

Photo by Gina Rae Anderson for Sea and be Scene

Film Fest kicks off on Thursday, April 21 at 7:30pm with a live performance from Rozalind MacPhail.

MacPhail (a former KIAC Artist in Residence) will be performing the live soundtrack to Painted Houses, a collection of 13 short films by St. John’s Filmmakers.

She’ll be looping guitar, flute, voice and toy instruments to create the scores, à la tUnE-yArDs, Pat LePoidevin, and Owen Pallett. It’s an incredible treat to be able to watch the looping process and see how the songs are constructed.

Here’s one of the 13 shorts in the project, Elsa Morena’s “Small Painted Houses.”

For more about Rozalind and the Painted Houses project, check out these two recent interviews:
The Painted Houses Project by Rozalind MacPhail – Sea and Be Scene
Colouring the Yukon with the painted houses of St. John’s – The Muse

On Friday, April 22 from noon to 5pm, Brenda Longfellow will lead an ambitious workshop in which participants will conceive, film, and edit a documentary film about climate change. The finished product will be screened at 7pm that night!

Brenda explored the theme of climate change in her 2008 film Weather Report, which we’re fairly certain took longer than a day to produce. Check out the stunning Nunavut landscape in the film’s trailer, which makes the subject matter all the more concerning.

For more information about Rozalind, Brenda, and the other exciting programming during the Film Festival, visit the Film Fest website!

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