Film Fest

Film Fest Previews: Friday Evening Programs

On Friday evening, Film Fest offers three great programs: The Spell of the Yukon, Secret Tales, and Strange Things Done. Find out more about some of the exciting films that will be shown.

The Spell of the Yukon (7:00pm) features Mary Jane Moses’ Vadzaih Vakan Gwiidaandaii (Caribou: Our Livelihood), one of several films in this year’s festival that is a product of the Our World visit to Old Crow. Our World works with First Nations communities to provide access to media arts training and integrates First Nations language into films as part of revitalization efforts. Visit their blog for posts and pictures about their work in Old Crow, the fifth community they’ve visited since the project started. Here’s a Behind the Scenes video about the project:


Charles Stankievech‘s 10 000 Megawatin Totuus (10 000 Megawatts of Truth) documents a rocket launch at the tip of Sveaborg Fortress on the island of Suomenlinna, Finland. The film is part of his Ghost Rockets World Tour,  a series of rocket launch spectacles across the globe.  I love the soundtrack provided by Finland’s Sarcofagus, the first Finnish Heavy Metal band, and, according to their website, the first Finnish Metal band to have an iPhone app! Watch an excerpt of the film on Charles’ website.

In addition to Charles, this program features films from two other Dawson filmmakers – Lulu Keating and Chris Levett. Lulu’s film, Her Man Plan, won the audience favourite award at the 2010 48-Hour Film Competition. Can this film about a woman on a manhunt charm the crowds again? You can read more about Lulu in this What’s Up Yukon article. We’re excited to see Chris’ film, which stars Allie Haydock– and a KIAC staff member! (Who could it be?) Find out more in this WUY piece, where Chris talks about his background in filmmaking and reveals details about Observation and Intention.

When I saw that the Secret Tales program (9:30pm) begins with a listing that says “Film Not Ready,” I wondered if Dan made a mistake in the Film Fest program. Turns out Janet Perlman’s film is a placeholder for “Llama Cookin'”, a not yet realized film which she submitted to a film festival– despite the fact that it did not exist and was not ready. When the festival offered her an extension on the deadline to submit the actual film, she created the film which will be screened here in Dawson.  You can find out more about the film in this Montreal Gazette article and on her website, which warns that the “really long artist’s statement” is not ready .

Another highlight in the Secret Tales program is Brian Johnson‘s Yesno, a cinematic approach to poetry. The film takes on Dennis Lee’s 2006 book Yesno with live action and animated imagery. Margaret Atwood, Leonard Cohen, Michael Ondaatje, Karen Solie, D’bi Young, and Lee himself lend their voices to bring the words to life. You can watch a clip of Yesno on Johnson’s Vimeo page. Johnson is also a writer, contributing to Maclean’s on the subject of film in his Unscreened blog.

The films in the Strange Things Done program tap into a few of my favourite things: Edgar Degas ballerinas in Trevor Anderson’s Figs in Motion,

rock and roll in Shane Belcourt’s F*%K Yeah ,

and goths! on the bus! in Jaimz and Karen Asmundson’s Goths! On the Bus!

You can catch these and other strange things, done on Friday, starting at 11:30pm. For the full line up, visit the Film Fest website!


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