Film Fest


Your Name:  Keesic Douglas

From:  Rama First Nation in Central Ontario

Your Film in the Festival:  D.N.A.

Your Inspiration:  When I was in high school, I decided to grow my hair long.  I told my non-Native friend who said, “Cool!  are you going to look like the main ‘Indian’ character in Dances with Wolves?”  I immediately replied, “Definitely!”  Being an Aboriginal person, I assumed that my hair would grow out bone straight, thick and black and would flow in the wind as if I was constantly standing on the top of a hill overlooking the Great Plains.  I thought that people would finally stop doubting my identity because I am light skinned with blue eyes.  When I grew my hair out… it was brown, curly, wavy and constantly in knots!  I cut it after a year because it was too difficult to deal with.  Years later when my son wanted to grow his hair long a difficult decision for him being the only Aboriginal boy at his school in China Town Toronto, I told him I would also grow mine to support him.  Again I thought that we would both be the stoic Aboriginal Father and Son with our long black hair blowing as we rode our horses across the Great Plains…  Again this did not happen.  This video is a testament to my constantly exploring my Aboriginal identity through the camera lens.
Why did you submit to the DCISFF:  I have always been fascinated with the history of the gold rush in Canada and Dawson City seemed like the perfect place for me to showcase my own personal history.  I also love the poster with the dog sled delivering film makers to the red carpet!

Check out:

D.N.A. is part of the First Eyes screening on Saturday at 4 pm at the DZCC (located on Front Street at York).


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