Film Fest

Dugout and Gone Fishin’ for BJ Poppa

Your name:  Allan Code

Where are you from?  Toronto; by way of Hudson Bay.  Been in Yukon since 1997. Wife Mary, also Film Maker (Nuhoniyeh, Aydaygooay). Raised two kids here: Michael & Angela. Moved to Yukon from “Bush” of Manitoba; just south of 60. Toronto? Left there soon as I was old enough to choose… 17! Moved to Churchill directing independent doc summer 1971; aired on CTV 1972: “Dene”. Went back North, married Mary been “Up Here” ever since; as Film-Maker, Teacher, Bio Tech and Ptarmigan Murderer.

The names of your films in the festival: Dugout and BJ Poppa

What was your inspiration for this film? Dugout: Awesome Carvers and a Community that just grew… For BJ Poppa; 92 year old fly fisherman!

Why did you choose to submit to the DCISFF?  ‘Cause it’s Yukon!

t is screening on Sunday afternoon at 5 pm during the Facing the North screening; Gone Fishin’ for BJ Poppa kicks off the Spell of the Yukon screening on Friday evening at 7 pm.


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