Film Fest


Name: Eilif Bremer Landsend, 21 year old

Where are you from?  I am from a city called Tromso, Tromso lies above the arctic circle in Northern-Norway. Tromso is surrounded by mountaines and the occean.

I am a young filmmaker from Tromso – I went to my first film workshop when I was 12. After that I made many short short films and I joined a film group. Throughout my time at Tvibit(a filmhouse for young people) I have got the chance to travel around the world woth my films to various filmfestivals. I have also got the chance to be a workshop leader at many other festivals. Recently i spent three months in South Africa travelling around having film workshops for youth. It was a big experience. It was a Tvibit project supported by the Norwegian peace corpse. Here is the link to the blog:

Now I am developing new filmrelated projects, short films and a feature film.

All the stuff that I have got a chance to be a part of – both films I have made, but also other film related stuff, I think is developing me as a filmmaker.

The name of your film in the festival:  The film is called “Kiki” – the film is about a old surfer who lives in a caravan on a beach in the Lofoten Islands. He likes to eat fishbolls, surf and sniff. Kiki gets in trouble with the local turist manager and at the same time he is trying to get his girlfriend back.

What was your inspiration for this film?  The inspriation was that i wanted to make a special character (it was the first time for me) so i knew it was going to be a challenge. I also wanted to film in the Lofoten Islands(which is maybe one of the worlds most spectauclar places). The character “Kiki” or at lest his name, and this was the time i got the idea – In 2006 I was whitewater rafting in Norway – and out guide was a crazy australian whit rasta hair and a really cool dude. His nickname was Kiki. So that is where it all started.

Why did you choose to submit to the DCISFF?  My hometown festival, TIFF (Tromso international film festival) has a collaboration with Dawson and they [send] this years short films to them so that you could pick out the films you wanted to screen. “Kiki” and 2 other films where chosen, and then I got a mail from the festival director of Dawson and I sent my film to you. 

Here is the link to another film that I have made:

Kiki is screening during the Big Finish on Sunday night at 8 pm.

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