Film Fest

Lot 22, Concession 5

Your Name:  Penny McCann

Where are you from?  I was raised in Kingston, Ontario, but now live in Ottawa.

The name of your film in the festival:  Lot 22, Concession 5

What was your inspiration for this film?  My inspiration for this film comes from my father’s stories of growing up on a film in rural Ontario in the 1930’s. The images are hand-processed 16mm film I created at the Film Farm, which is a very special filmmaking workshop that takes place most summers on filmmaker Phil Hoffman’s farm in Southwestern Ontario.  The audio is from a cassette tape of my father’s voice that I recorded a few months before he died in 1992.

Why did you choose to submit to the DCISFF?  I attended the festival in person a few years ago.  It was a fantastic experience at a fantastic festival.  Enough said!

Lot 22, Concession 5 is screening during the Secret Tales program on Friday night at 9:30 pm.


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