Film Fest

Soft Spoken

Your Name: Evan Rensch

Where are you from? I’ve lived in Dawson since 2009, but I’m originally from
Sackville, New Brunswick.  My co-filmmaker Aubyn O’Grady is from Pembroke,
Ontario, but is currently an art student at Yukon SOVA.

The name of your film in the festival: Soft Spoken

What was your inspiration for this film? Last fall I admitted to Aubyn that I never learned to ride a bicycle as a kid because I was scared of falling.  We decided to make a film about it, and KIAC’s 48 Hour Film Competition proved to be a perfect structure to try it out.

Why did you choose to submit to the DCISFF?  We were lucky to be given entry to the festival without applying, due to our success at the 48 Hour.  I guess the audience really liked watching my crazy mid-winter bicycle antics.

Links:  My co-filmmaker Aubyn has a lovely blog filled both with own artwork and cool stuff she finds on the internet.

Soft Spoken is a part of the Out of the Cold:  Yukon Emerging Artists screening on Sunday at 1 pm.


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