Film Fest


Your Name: Piotr Złotorowicz

Piotr was born on May 22nd, 1982 in Dębno Lubuskie. In 2007 he graduated Electrical Engineering Faculty at Szczecin University of Technology obtaining M.Sc. degree. Over the years 2001-2006 he was shooting his first amateur films. In 2006 Piotr begins studying film directing at Polish National Film School in Łódź.

The name of your film in the festival: Smolarze (The Charcoal Burners)

Every summer, Marek and Janina work as charcoal burners in the Bieszczady Mountains. Far from civilization, in the heart of the mountains, they live according to the rhythm set by nature.  The documentary joins the man and the woman from dawn till dusk, observing the slow passage of time.

Smolarze is screening on Saturday at 7 pm during At the Confluence.

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