Film Fest

The Devil Wears a Paper Hat

Your Name: Curtis L. Wiebe

Where are you from? Winnipeg, Manitoba

The name of your film in the festival: The Devil Wears a Paper Hat

What was your inspiration for this film? It all started with a single idea: the image of a gunslinger’s pistol made out of a pencil sharpener whose purpose was to shoot pencils at paper birds.  The story came from asking questions: Who would own such a weapon?  Where do the paper birds come from? etc.  Everything else came from my own experience and interests: Westerns, the prairie landscape, L. Frank Baum, the mysterious feeling of trees in the night and so on…

Why did you choose to submit to the DCISFF? My film was submitted on my behalf through the Winnipeg Film Group.  I actually did not know my film was submitted to DCISFF until I heard that it was accepted.  However I am very glad that it was submitted to this festival!  Since my film is a western fantasy that takes place in the middle of winter, it seems very appropriate to have it play in Dawson City.

Visit Curtis’ YouTube Channel, Phantom Planet Films.

The Devil Wears a Paper Hat is one of the Strange Things Done screening at 11:30 pm on Friday.


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