Film Fest

The Preparations Continue…

On Sunday afternoon, the Dawson Film Fest committee held the most important meeting of our season of arduous planning.  Rather than meeting in our usual location in the KIAC classroom, we headed across the street to the local malt shop to rename the specialty sodas in honour of some of the visiting filmmakers who will be sharing their work and wisdom with us this coming weekend.

It’s a difficult business, of course.  Typically we make an effort to deal with as much film fest business as possible via email, and when we do call a meeting, we have a strict one-hour time limit.  This re-naming meeting, however, is the one that is allowed–even guaranteed and maybe even required–to run for longer than an hour.

We debate long and hard.  We try to strike a delicate balance between raciness and humour, with a (reasonably) clear reference to the filmmaker or the name of their film, and just enough concern about offending the people we mean to be honouring.

Visiting musician Rozalind MacPhail, who will be performing live on Thursday evening, was in attendance, and she seemed okay with her drink being named The Painted Lady.  Or maybe it’s just that we didn’t give her a chance to object?

The discussions were intense.

Clearly it’s serious business…

…but certainly good to the last drop.  Stop in next weekend to find out what the committee came up with!

posted by Kit.


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