Film Fest

Hot Hot Swag

On Friday afternoon, Meg Walker, Lulu Keating and I got together at KIAC to produce a very exclusive line of t-shirts for the film festival.

Besides being active and enthusiastic committee members, Meg, Lulu and I all have films showing in the festival this weekend, and I have no doubt that this weekend is really the beginning of big big careers for all of us.  I picture Meg with a solo show at the MOMA in New York –a multi-media affair encompassing Meg’s interests in painting, drawing, writing, string art and film.  Lulu will be making a big splash in Hollywood, loved not only for her amusing and insightful films, but also for her daring sartorial choices.  As for me…  I will have put my Mrs. Muir plan into motion, and when not taking long walks on the beach or being tucked in for a nap by my servant (I will probably opt for a hunky manservant rather than Lucy Muir’s faithful Martha), I will be basking in the fading glory of my single glimmer of success.

So this year is your chance to own t-shirts screen-printed by three fabulous females on the brink of their fame and fortune.  Besides boasting the classic and stylish film fest logo, each shirt is imprinted with our dedication and creativity, and is guaranteed to make you look cool.

posted by Kit.


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