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When it comes to the film fest, I’m kind of crazy.  I’m sure don’t really need me to point this out to you, but…  just in case you weren’t sure:  I am crazy.  I’m on the committee.  I attend almost every single film selection night.  I work on the blog.  And when it comes time for the actual festival weekend, I go to as many screenings as physically possible.  I get up early and stay up late (I may not even sleep).  I attend the workshops.  I socialize.  I party.  I live it up.  I do it all.  I even have a film in the festival this year, just to make sure that I really run the gamut.  And that gamut is a marathon.  So yeah–crazy.

I would love it if everyone in town approached the film festival weekend with the same wide-eyed whole-hearted enthusiasm as I do, but I know that’s not really the case.  So while I do genuinely recommend every single screening, workshop and even this weekend, if I were forced (I mean, really forced–Spanish Inquisition-style forced) to choose only one event per day, here are the screenings I would list as utterly unmissable:

PAINTED HOUSES on Thursday at 7:30 pm:  Watching 13 short films accompanied by a live performance of the soundtrack by Rozalind MacPhail just sounds incredible to me.

STRANGE THINGS DONE on Friday at 11:30 pm: I’m dying to see Figs in Motion, which I missed during the selections process and have heard so much about ever since.  The Devil Wears a Paper Hat is just magical–really beautiful, wonderful and weird.  And who would want to miss their chance to see goths riding on the bus?

BEYOND AURORA on Saturday at 11:30 pm:  Stay up late again, because Belt Buckle / Quonset Hut is worth losing sleep over, and the gorgeous and creepy Wald Von Versuchungen: Forest of Temptation will give you the best kind of nightmare.

INTER-IRRUPTION: ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE TALK on Sunday at 3 pm:  Don’t miss this chance to see what filmmakers-in-residence Angela Joosse and Marcia Connolly have been up to during their time in Dawson.

Oh that was hard work, but there you go: one event per day as suggested by me.  I really think that you should see everything, but can’t imagine that you’d be disappointed by anything that you do see.  Happy viewing.

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