Film Fest

The Loveliest Start

Inside and outside; city and forest; shoreline and inland; clear skies and snowy skies; young and old; Super8 and digital; emerging and experienced; morning coffee and evening beer.  Painted Houses brought a little bit of everything St. John’s together, harmonized by Rozalind MacPhail’s flute-driven soundtrack.  While the films and soundtrack are not lacking in charm, having Rozalind here to perform live and provide some context for the project (and a few of the individual films) was a delightful addition.  It also meant that I got to see these socks:

There was definitely a community feel to the project which has to resonate strongly with any Dawsonite.  My two favourites out of the thirteen films that make up Painted Houses are Jelly Beans by Ruth Lawrence and There is Love by Darrell Power (of Great Big Sea fame).

After the performance, Rozalind told me that she is interested in doing a summertime version of the project, and I fully intend to email her on June 1st to make sure she’s got her next 13 filmmakers lined up.  Other post-performance conversations at Peggy’s weren’t necessarily so highbrow–apparently we didn’t get all of our T & A jokes out of the way last weekend at the festini meeting!

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