Film Fest

Of all the gin joints in the world…

Of all the gin joints in all the world, the Dawson City International Short Film Festival had to be across the street from mine. As patrons go, you film lovers/enthusiasts/makers/fanatics, are quite the pleasure to serve. Not only do I get the opportunity to watch world class films in my own town, but I also get to listen to the debriefs, rants and thoughts of film fest go-ers over the sound of my martini shaker.

My favourite aspect of this privileged vantage point is watching people interact with each other in an excited way. There is nothing better than a conversation in which all parties are interested or even downright pumped. Even if I don’t understand what you mean when you’re talking film formats, the energy is contagious. At the risk of sounding like a Tim Horton’s ad: Whether it is the fact that you love Georgia’s curry, that you both peed your pants watching the late night screening Friday, or that you get to chat with the maker of a film you love, DCISFF gives you a reason, nay opportunity, to find a friend in someone you might otherwise never share a cheers with.

It is a privilege to pour you all the shots of bourbon you can carry, just keep on bringing the warm and fuzzies.



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