Film Fest

Things Isabelle Said

Professional amateur Isabelle Pauwels gave an artist talk last night
the likes of which has never been seen…at least by me.  While
casually challenging my most deeply held beliefs about the form and
function of art, Isabelle was able to squeeze a great many laughs out
of my parched throat.   I won’t go into any great detail about the
content of her talk, I will only say that if you missed it you should
accost her in the bar or wherever you may happen to find her and start
talking about something…anything really, it probably doesn’t matter,
she’ll have something good to say about it.  So in lieu of any actual
content I leave you with a couple of things that Isabelle said.

Disclaimer: these are paraphrased from memory and taken way out of
context.  If you read this Isabelle, please forgive me.

1)      “Scripts are about revenge insofar as writing is about conquest.
That’s why losers get to be spiritual and winners get to be
engineers…or writers, which amounts to basically the same thing”.

2)      “Beauty is something that happens by accident.  It speaks for
itself and so there is nothing left to say about it.  For me, beauty
is always somebody else’s problem so if any of you happen to find my
work beautiful that’s your problem”.

3)      “Cliches are powerful because you already know how you feel about
them.  This is why we go to the image.  To know who we are”.

4)      “The word abstract is like the word F**K.  I have no idea what it means”

5)      “I film everything on the Canon HV2o, the soccer mom’s right hand
man.  When it came time to prove that I was really a visual artist all
I had to do was turn the switch from low def to high”.

-Posted by Logan Laird


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