2011 Summer Exhibitions / ODD Gallery / SOVA Gallery

Double Opening!

Good times were had all around at last Thursday’s double art opening at the ODD Gallery and Confluence gallery.

Artist talks by Andreas Rutkauskas and Matt Shane kicked off the evening at 7:30pm sharp at the ODD Gallery, for the The Natural & The Manufactured: Platform 01: The Creation of Evolution opening.

Andreas Rutkauskas discussed the processes behind his photo project, Virtually There.  The project compares 2 almost identical images of the Rocky Mountains.  To create the first photo, the artist browsed various Internet resources in search of pictorial mountain imagery, and then composed an image on Google Earth from the comfort of his apartment.  The second photograph, however, required a much greater feat of physical endurance.  Rutkauskas set out with his camera equipment and his GPS on a mission to hike into the Rockies, so that he could personally observe and document the majestic beauty of Mount Temple discovered in his Internet searches.  The direct comparison of the two photos reveals how surreal and removed representations of wilderness scenes displayed through remote satellite technology are in relation to more immediate documentation.  While the Google Earth image appears eerily smooth and serene, the on-site photo reveals the rugged imperfections of craggy rocks and cloudy skies.  The project highlights the ways that technology mediates the way we perceive wilderness, and reveals discrepancies between virtual experience and the reality of “being there.”

Matt Shane disclosed his intentions to infuse a sense of anxiety into his mountainous industrial landscape paintings.  However, while the hellish glow of red paint on a black background certainly infuses his work with apocalyptic sensations, the world he portrays is also strangely playful and enticing, almost welcoming.  Shane commented that his painting practise addresses a long-term preoccupation with disconcerting aspects of beauty and utopia.   His work therefore tends to produce an unnerving tension, as the viewer is torn between feelings of fear and longing to enter a dark yet fantastical world…

The show also features a wonderful collection of sculpture, photography, textile work by prolific artists Heidi Nagtegaal, Sol Legault, Chloe Lewis and Andrew Taggart, Kerri Reid, and Kara Uzelman.

The exhibition is open Tues-Fri 11am-5pm and 12pm-5pm Saturday until July 15 2011, and is definitely worth checking out!

For more info visit http://www.kiac.org/odd/current.html

The party promptly moved onwards to the Confluence Gallery for the Every Day I’m Hustlin’ exhibition curated by Megan Graham.

The exhibition takes a warm and personal approach to documenting themes of work and labour in Dawson, and includes an impressive selection of contemporary photography by local artists, Ian Buntin, Janice Cliff, David Curtis, Chris Levett, Danielle Palmer, Evelyn Pollock, Evan Rensch, Aaron Woroniuk, and the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Heritage Department, as well as historic photographs from the Dawson City Museum, Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Archives, and Yukon Archives.  A happy Megan Graham says that she was totally blown away by the quality of submissions to the show.

Visitors delighted in perusing through images of Dawson city personalities and familiar locales, and warmed up for some good conversation.

 More crackers, thank-you!

Photos taken by Evan Rensch

For more information about the show, read this interview with Megan Graham in What’s Up Yukon : http://www.whatsupyukon.com/index.php/work-in-progress.html

The exhibition is open Thurs-Sun 3pm-7pm until July 10 2011 at the Confluence Gallery, located in Yukon SOVA at 3rd Avenue and Queen Street.  Check it out!

-Julie Johnston


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