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KIAC meets Mayo Arts Festival

Last weekend, KIAC staff embarked on a road trip to the Mayo Arts Festival to check out its selection of local talent. It was also a great opportunity to brush up on our craft making skills.

About 10 minutes out of town, we cruised by an emergency airplane landing on the road!

Once safely in Mayo, it’s straight to the crafts tent, with a slight detour first to the Burger Joint.  The crafts tent was bustling with art fair and workshop activities.

Megan Graham learned to make a 3-D felted flower.

Nancy Humel demonstrated her loom-work.

Children lost their shoes.

Hanging out on the lawn, listening to the tunes.

In the music tent, the performances were intimate and heartwarming, with a range of acts from the young and old, emerging and experienced.  Peter Menzies played a few tunes as his contribution to the local talent and the Traditional Drumming and Dancing by Nancy Hummel, Walter Peter, Lena Hummel & Jazmine Charette was particularly touching.

Following the festivities, the brave and adventurous continued onwards to the Mayo Midnight Marathon with bellies full of Chinese food…

-Julie Johnston


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