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Summing up the summer.

This summer certainly flew by, as most Dawson summers do. Looking back I can’t believe how many amazing things we managed to pack into six weeks of art camp.

WEEK ONE: We had a great start to the summer. Former artist in residence Teodora Zamfirescu lead a workshop that played off the odd gallery’s ‘natural-manufactured’ theme and tied into our weekly theme ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’. The workshop involved building dioramas based on stories written by the campers. It is amazing to see how creative kids can get with a cardboard box.

Other activities of the week included pop-up cards and tunnel books. We spent the week getting to know each other and getting the creative juices flowing for the rest of the summer. Even our snacks turned into art..

I secretly just wanted to add this because I love food blogs/photography

WEEK TWO: Animation time. We had a lot to live up to. Art camp has made some pretty stellar animations over the years. We needed an edge to keep things interesting. At Jenna’s suggestion we moved away from the usual clay and tried different materials. We experimented with 3-D objects, paper cut-outs, body animation, and cell-animation. Needless to say we were busy. Mid-way through the week Neal Moignard , whose currently in school for animation, visited the camp and taught the campers how to make characters disappear along with some other neat techniques. With newly acquired animation skills in place, the campers divided into groups to create their very own stop-motion animation film. The final projects turned out fantastically. The only thing missing is photographs, I guess we were to busy to take them.

WEEK THREE: The theme for week three was ‘In Living Colour’. Thinking about all the amazing colours of the world, and the fantastic activities to do with colour lead me to program the first day of camp in black and white. PINHOLE CAMERAS! An activity I have always wanted to do but never had the chance. They turned out great, all the campers walked away with images they had captured. Once we got working with colour again, Ange lead the campers in two print-making workshops. The first involved Styrofoam meat trays (yay recycled materials) and the second speedball. A highlight (and another excuse to food blog) was decorating cookies with icing every colour of the rainbow. You can never go wrong with edible art. Finally Ange showcased her facepainting skills which will come out again during Arts Fest so be sure to come by the Kids Tent to check out her talent.

WEEK FOUR:  The week before music festival. Every Dawsonite in town seems to be extra busy this week and the campers were no exception. The week began with the campers hanging out at CFYT and learning about sound-effects and radio shows. They then recorded their very own radio show, which was aired a few weeks later. We made instruments, built noisy cities out of recycled materials and then recorded sound-effects for the city (you’d never believe what some of the cities sound like.) The big treat of the week was when one of DCMF’s performers, Shotgun Jimmie, came and gave the kids a private show. The kids liked him so much he came back for an encore.

WEEK FIVE: What comes to YOUR mind when you hear the word, SUPERNATURAL. Now ask a six year old that. What a week of creation. We made whirligig spaceships and alien lands out of mashed potatoes and frozen corn (food again?!).

mashed potatoes and food colouring

WEEK SIX: Bring’ it home. What a perfect theme for the last week of camp. We went workshop crazy. The week started wtih Laura Kolnick leading a workshop in partnership with the Recycling Depot. We made mobiles out of recycled materials that we later hung at the depot, one of my favourite activities of the summer. You should go check them out if you have a chance! Local artist Margaret Bowes lead the campers in a watercolour workshop. Things got messy but everyone had a lot of fun. Finally Rebekah Miller came in to do print-making on doors. It was a great way to end them summer.

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