Arts Fest Weekend! Art Fair, Workshops, Demonstrations

The Art Fair opened its doors on Friday afternoon, offering an amazing array of artworks for sale, from metalwork sculptures to jewellery, pottery, painting, woven accessories and bead work- and with friendly faces behind every table.

Horst Berlow showcases his landscape watercolour paintings in the Art Fair, later offering visitors the chance to create their own picturesque paintings and bookmarks during the workshops and demonstrations.

Horst Berlow loves the landscape of the Canadian North, and it shows!

Shirley Pennel and her raven companion  offer “flower pounding” kits and intricate fabric landscape artworks.

Big smiles from Maria Sol Suarez, with her luxurious bows, headbands, necklaces and accessories made from previously loved fur and feathers.

Gorgeous upcycled fur and feather accessories by Maria Sol Suarez

The lovely Ange Bonicci holds down the fort at her table, showcasing jewellery, prints, collage and paintings by herself and fellow SOVA student alumna Aubyn O’Grady and Rosie Butler.

One of a kind t-shirts with clever phrases, paintings, beaded jewellery and prints by the talented SOVA Alumna ladies

Linda Cone makes glass beads using a propane torch to create a variety of unique patterns for her jewellery.

Linda Cone, busily working on her jewellery.

This pattern is called the fish scale pattern, but Cone prefers to call it her “rosebud” pattern.

Necklace and earrings by Linda Cone

Patrice Tremblay, with his delicately crafted wire jewellery and accessories made from eclectic materials including feathers, wool, semiprecious stones, fossils and small carvings.

Patrice Tremblay with wire jewellery and accessories

Elaine Corden and Teodora Zamfirescu chat with mixed media artist Kathy Piwowar, whose work integrates handmade paper, metals and acrylics.

Kathy Piwowar's mixed media display

Joann Vriend shows her collection of pottery bowls, serving plates and mugs, with beautiful glazes and motif patterns, hand crafted with love.

Hand crafted pottery by Joann Vriend

The Shy Arts duo Stace and Amanda Pshyk combine their skills, offering jewellery, ink illustrations, and sculpture inspired by their experiences in the North.

Amanda Pshyk of Shy Arts keeps busy making jewellery from beads and gemstones

Outside the bustling Art Fair tent, the riverside was animated with playful installations, and all sorts of art workshops and demonstrations.

Food Art!  A new addition to this year’s fest and a huge hit, are food demonstrations with culinary artists Bev Gray and Miche Genest.

Miche Genest and Bev Gray forrage for wild plants around the festival grounds during the plant and berry walk, before getting into their inspiring food demonstrations

Boreal Gourmet Miche Genest gets participants making homemade ice cream, wild plant cheese pie and other enticing treats.

Making red pepper and raspberry ice cream from scratch requires teamwork, but is well worth the delicious result- a sudae topped with chocolate sauce and rock salt to enhance and balance the flavours

Boreal Herbalist Bev Gray demonstrates how to make hand lotion, medicinal teas, cough syup and other surprisingly simple natural remedies.

Onlookers fill their noses with the aroma of homemade hand lotion, freshly whipped by Beverly Gray

Interactive artist Meshell Melvin’s popular demonstration provides festival goers with portraits, illustrated with the help of the “Universal Movement Machine,” a rare industrial chain-stitched embroiderer.

Meshel Melvin's "Movement Machine"

Longstanding festival participant Donna Griffard offers visitors a chance to make their own vibrant fused glass magnets, pins, pendants and buttons.

Loom enthusiast Elizabeth Kolb prepares for her band weaving workshop, where participants learn techniques for making their own beautifully patterned bracelets, bookmarks, straps and headbands.

Bandweaving with Elizabeth Kolb

Sonja Ahlers’ table erupts with giggles over readings from Sweet Valley High novels at her zine making collage party.

Sonja Ahlers' zine making collage party

Rhoda Merkel invites the public to join in the collection creation of the “Yukon Flag Themed Button Blanket.”

Visitors have a chance to sit and share stories about why they love the Yukon, as they add buttons onto the blanket.

Harreson Tanner spends the weekend constructing a larger than life bust in honor of the Great Chief Isaac, who saved the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in people from tragedy during the Goldrush of 1898.

Chief Isaac begins to come to life, as Tanner shapes the eyes

Meanwhile, children are flocking by the dozens to Philippe LeBlond’s incredible dome, constructed out of bicycle wheels and zippy straps.

Kids find a space for play inside LeBlond's bicycle wheel dome

The weekend offered a magnificent feast of creative talent- a thoroughly enriching experience, and all around good time!


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