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Kids Fest!

Of course, one of our favorite elements of Arts Fest are the kids activities.  This years’ festival had kids hamming it  up at clowning workshops, making their own hula hoops and kites, bike decorating, face painting, among other forms of festive fun.

Friday afternoon, Clair Ness had kids getting silly in the community shelter during her clowning and hula hoop making workshops.

Clowning with Claire

The young and young at heart, busy testing out their homemade hoops.

Hula hooping is not just for kids- on our way to the film Night at the DZCC later that day, we catch some impromptu hula street performers.

Hula street party

Early Saturday morning, KIAC’s own Hannah Zimmering got creative in the Kids Tent, as a mix of kids from Dawson and Whitehorse kicked off the KIAC kid’s workshops with some very exciting bike decorating.  The parade, a huge part of Discovery Days, is the one chance kids have to show off their wheels.  Kids trickled in throughout the morning and loaded their bikes (or stroller if you were under the age of 3) with streamers, balloons, cardboard cut-outs, and other festive “bling”.

Later in the afternoon the kids rejoined for a festival must- face paint. Ange Bonnici and Brooke MacDonald arrived ready to paint.  Soon there were cats, tigers, superheroes, and a one-eyed green monster drama queen (an actual request) running around.

The fierce Tiger Boy, now ready to unleash his powers in the festival grounds.

Following face paint everyone was ready to craft. First-up was spectacular sock creatures. Socks came to life as they were given cardboard mouths, string for hair, and googly eyes (really they make every craft look good). The children seemed pleased as they completed their sock puppets. They gave them names, and voices and each puppet became it’s own character (and a life long friend).

Next, the kids once again turned junk into art. Using materials collected from the dump we created whimsical wind chimes. Forks clattered together, teacups dinged, and tin cans banged in the wind.

The day ended with mosaic and fabric art. Each child decided on a medium (some using both), calming craft to end the day. We can’t wait to see what the kids create next year.

For the final activities on Sunday, Christine Spinder led kids, and adults too, in a kite-making workshop.  Everyone had the chance to make and decorate their very own kites, before setting them to flight.

Beautifully decorated kites ready for flight


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