Thanks to visiting artist, Daniel Barrow

Daniel Barrow at KIAC

Visiting artist Daniel Barrow provided an appreciative Dawson City crowd with an enlightening and engaging artist talk that included excerpts from various performance pieces, including: an early overhead projection performance entitled, “Looking for Love In the Hall of Mirrors,” a slideshow featuring the artist’s set of trading cards detailing the fascinating and tumultuous personal lives of various eccentric minor celebrities, and a clip from his curatorial project / performance, “Winnipeg Babysitter,” featuring footage of the cable access musical duo, The Cosmopolitans, paired with text detailing the duo’s touching history together.

The following evening, Daniel performed his latest manual animation, “Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry.” A completely silent audience watched in awe as Daniel narrated the story of a character living on the margins of society attempting a grand artistic gesture that is ultimately destined to fail. All the while, Daniel masterfully created an aesthetically compelling visual experience one transparency at a time. Many audience members discussed the level of engagement that was necessary to appreciate the character’s musings, the narrative, the immersive aesthetic experience, and the artist’s novel approach to story-telling.

Daniel also visited Yukon School of Visual Arts students before heading back to Montreal.

Thanks again to Canadian Heritage and Yukon Arts Centre, and Daniel Barrow for taking the time to visit our community.

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