48 Hour Film Competition wraps!

70 people and numerous sleep deprived filmmakers gathered at the ODD Fellows Hall in Dawson City last night to watch films that did not exist 48 hours previously! While there were a few casualties, 11 films made it to the big screen in KIACs 48 Hour Film Competition. With entries from erstwhile Dawsonites in Whitehorse and Kamloops, the audience was treated to a collage of cinematic styles ranging from animations, documentaries, heartfelt personal stories and some just plain mid-winter lunacy. When the lights came on the jury decided that Chris Clarke’s untitled (and self awarded “Most kilometers traveled while trying to make a 48 Hour Film”) won the “Flocons D’Or” award for the best film of the evening. Chris’s film will be screened at the 2012 Dawson City International Short Film Festival (April 5-8). 2011 winners, Aubyn O’Grady and Evan Rensch scored a slightly used DCISFF Pillow as the Audience favorite for their documentary “Opening up Community Chest: Broken but not Dead”.

Other films and jury awards:
Kit Hepburn: Lines (and Weird Nosies); Most Lines Done in a Film
Karen Mackay: Not Just in the Kitchen; Best use of Drugs/Best soundtrack made by a Judge
Meg Walker: January Brain; I Wish I Was on Drugs Award
Holly Haustein: Untitled; The Lilly Award
Trina Buhler: A Decade of Day Planners; The OCD Award
Jay Armitage: Time is Up; The Golden Pander Award
Sheriden Gunter: Shopping?; Best Clown Car Award
Jenna Roebuck, Georgia Fraser & Molly Shore: Sh*t Aaron Burnie Says; Best Abuse of AB Award
Eryn Foster and Elaine Corden: It seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time; The WTF Award

A congrats to all the hard working filmmakers, the judges, Stefan Popescu and David Curtis for their tech help. Thanks to KIAC, the Yukon Film Society and NFVIA for their assistance in organizing this event.


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