Festival Rookie

It’s day three here at the Dawson City International Short Film Festival and so far it’s been an amazing couple of day.  I’ve been to other film festivals before but this is my first time attending a festival with my film in the line-up so I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I headed to the Calgary International Airport to start my journey out here.  After spending a quick one night layover in Whitehorse (with a certain neighbor in the hotel that decided to yell talk to himself for 9 straight hours) I arrived Thursday morning in a slightly sleepy state.  Thankfully I was eased into the festival events with a single screening of Peter Lynch’s lost film The Herd and was able to grab a fairly good sleep that night.  On that note, the film was quite interesting as it walked the line between documentary, taking most of it’s script and concept from diaries written by the main character, and drama, presenting the history in such a way that you felt more like you were along for the ride as opposed to opening up a history book.

Day 2 at the festival really got going with a master class from Peter Lynch and then 3 different blocks of films.  It’s hard to say which film or section I enjoyed the most because they were all interesting and unique in their own way, however, I will say that a documentary/mocumentary about Cat Sledders had me nearly falling out of my chair laughing.

We’ll have to see what Day 3 will bring…



Joseph McGuire


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