KIAC Artists in Residence Session

Andreas Horvath and Joanna Priestly, the current KIAC artists in residence, offered a taste of their work at a DCISFF session Sunday afternoon.

Horvath, from Salzburg, Austria, showed Views of Retired Night Porter, an intimate 38-minute portrait of a security guard who had been portrayed quite negatively in a 1977 film called From a Night Porter’s Point of View, by director Krzysztof Kieślowski (best known in North America for his fabulous Three Colors Trilogy). Horvath’s doc includes a compelling scene of the former guard eating a sandwich, which went over well with the Dawson audience; that seemed to surprise the director, who said that many people think it goes on too long. Of the guard himself, Horvath said, ” He has his contradictions, as we all do.”

Priestley, who is from Portland, Oregon, showed six crowd-pleasing animated shorts (you can — and should — watch some of them on her site or on YouTube). She also gave the audience a brief demonstration of how she works. “Animation is the art and science of understanding motion,” she said. “So I am learning more and more about how things move.”

— posted by Tim Falconer

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