Film Fest / Performing Arts

Still time to make a 1 Minute Film !

This year we are using KIACs IPads to create 1 Minute “in camera” films. learn the new technology or use you own camera and drop off a file to us by Friday at 5pm. All films created will be screened at Diamond Tooth Gerties on April 14th. If you are from out of town we can give you our dropbox address to upload your film!
Email Dan to register:

(Note: although this is a free workshop you must leave a credit card impression to sign out an IPad).
Kareoke and 1 Minute films at Gerties this Saturday!

Its the Community Casino weekend for the film festival this weekend at Diamond tooth Gerties. We will be screening the results of the 1 Minute film challenge and festival guest Curtis Grahauer will be hosting kareoke on the big stage. Come on out and give your pipes a whirl!  Saturday at 9pm.


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