Education and Outreach

Drink n’ Draw

Did you come to the Drink n’ Draw last night at Bombay Peggy’s?

Maybe you showed up midway through and unwittingly walked onto a strange scene: a full house of people with sketchbooks and beers, and through the maze of propped up drawing boards and tipsy-but-concentrated-faces, a nearly nude Rachel Wiegers striking a scandalous pose and wearing a growling grizzly mask.

The atmosphere was extremely welcoming and encouraging. Anyone who claimed they couldn’t draw were given paper and pencils, and couldn’t resist joining in when we were introduced to Rachel and her rockin’ bod. By the second pose, she even rang the bell summoning a round of drinks for everybody!

Overall the night was full of giggles and super fun, and everybody went home proudly with their little bundle of drawings. Maybe we’ll have to make this more than just an annual event!

Send your drawings from the Drink n’ Draw to and we’ll post them here on the blog for everyone to see!

PS: We’ve joined twitter! Follow us @KIACtweets


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