Art Camp

Kids Clown Around at KIAC

Last week KIAC Art Camp finished for the summer with a bang. A special Circus Week theme was lead by clown-guests Claire Ness and the renowned Tomas Kubinek. We had the highest turnout of campers for the whole summer, eager to get creative and silly.


The kids made all sorts of clowning equipment like juggling balls and hoola hops with Claire and lessons on acting and clown theory from Tomas. At the end of the week, we took everything we’d made and learned, put on some crazy costumes, painted some faces, and hit the town to put on a big circus parade. Tomas brought along his ukelale and we seranaded and entertained tourists and locals alike. At the end of the day, we celebrated with ice cream for everybody!


Thanks so much to all our special guests throughout Art Camp, and a big thanks to all the kids who came out! We hope you had an artistic and inspiring summer. Don’t forget to come to Kids Fest during the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival to see Claire Ness again, plus more fun activities. And you can see Tomas Kubinek at the Moosehide Gathering this weekend!


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