Yukon Riverside Arts Festival 2012

Dawson Daily News of the Day

J.P. King and Joyce Majiski examine a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted book at the Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Symposium Open Studio.

The Historic Dawson Daily News building is back in operation, albeit temporarily, for the first time since 1954. The newspaper was originally opened in 1899, and moved into this former home in 1910. Now, 58 years since shutting its doors, presses will be rolling and content is being created, all part of the 2012 Yukon Riverside Arts Festival.

This afternoon you can come on down to the Open Studio. and in addition to seeing inside this fabulous heritage building, which now belongs to Parks Canada, including a rare peek at some of its antique presses, you can witness print and publishing artists at work.

John Steins sketches the artwork that will become his custom woodcut.

John Steins is staging a political protest, circa 1899, as he does a traditional woodcut protesting the sentence of dissidents Pussy Riot in Russia. John’s piece includes a custom hand-drawn font, which he has dubbed “Sans Putin.”

Beside him, Joyce Majiski is preparing collograph plates for her Relief Workshop, to be held tomorrow. The workshop will deal  with traditional methods for containing ink for print, and producing creative textures.

Peter Braune stands beside a late 1800’s Chandler & Price press machine he is hand restoring at the Open Studio.

In a centuries-old scene, Peter Braune is restoring a Chandler & Price Speed Press, dating from the 1800’s.  Once the state of the art in printing, this particular model was formerly used by the Whitehorse Star, and found its way to Dawson, via Bear Creek, compliments of Parks Canada.

Meanwhile, J.P. King is getting ready to spend the weekend exploring alternative and accessible publication formats. Tomorrow he will be doing a perfect binding workshop, showing the traditional hand method of binding books together.

— Dan Dowhal


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