Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Symposium 2012 / Yukon Riverside Arts Festival 2012

Tee Time at the Dawson Daily News

Peter Braune adjusts the press in preparation for rolling through a t-shirt at the Dawson Daily News heritage building. The plate he is using to print was hand carved by John Steins, who looks on in anticipation.

The buzz around the Dawson Daily News building today has been the hand-crafted t-shirts being created by our resident artists. During the past couple of days of the Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Symposium Peter Braun, Joyce Majiski, and John Steins have been doing demonstrations and conducting hands-on workshops in traditional print making techniques.

John Steins shows off the protest t-shirt produced from his hand-carved print block.

While the blocks they carve are generally used to produce prints on paper, Peter showed how they can also be employed to create very-unique t-shirts.

It doesn’t get more crafted than this. A hand-carved print block puts an image on a black t-shirt, where it serves as a mask during a bleach wash. The end result had attendees oohing and ahing.

For a light-coloured t-shirt, the garment is simply run through the press and the ink goes on in the same manner as printing on a piece of paper. But Peter showed a very cool technique for black t-shirts.

First the ink is affixed to the shirt, producing a barely legible black-on-black effect. But that ink now also serves as a de facto mask, and he then washes the shirt with bleach, to create a faded-out and very original end product.

Today also saw the most popular workshop of the weekend, as J.P. King did a session on Typography Letterforms and Overprinting. Participants worked with different colours and opacities of ink and various type to create abstract and concrete visual artwork.

It’s been a very enjoyable and enlightening weekend in this fabulous old heritage building. Hats off to the Dawson City Community Library, KIAC, and Parks Canada for making the Symposium happen, and congrats to all the participants in the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival for making it such a success.

— Dan Dowhal

Attendees do some hands-on experimentation in a workshop on Typography Letterforms and Overprinting led by J.P. King.


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