Education and Outreach

Collage & Other Stories with Barbara Buntin

Monday, October 22
in the KIAC classroom

Everyone is welcome!

The workshop opens with a drawing exercise, focusing attention on the human face as a beginning point to story telling in collage. Using a variety of collage materials, the story expands to include introspection or adventure, a personal statement or political commentary. Bring an open mind, follow the process and see where it leads you.

Please bring along a collection of potential collage materials for your own use or to possibly share with others, such as:

  • discarded sketches, prints and paintings on paper to cut up and redesign
  • journal or sketchbook pages
  • life drawings
  • photographs
  • rubbings for texture, i.e. taken from wood grain, textured metal, grave stones
  • colourful or textured papers
  • thin tissue
  • maps

Barbara Buntin is a mixed media artist from Cobourg On, currently working in Dawson on an artist residency program through the Ontario Arts Council. Barbara’s work incorporates a variety of printmaking techniques and collage, blending the human figure with elements of the surrounding landscape.

Contact KIAC to sign up at or call 5005.


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