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Original Yukon talent coming to the KIAC Ballroom this Friday!

This Friday, Jan 4th, the Yukon Gold Comics take over the KIAC Ballroom for one night only! Join them for the variety show A Grizzly Took My Bébé. This show is in preparation for an appearance at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in Australia. We caught up with Comedian Claire Ness for a little preview of the show:


What should people expect from A Grizzly Took My Bébé?

A side-splitting night of stand-up comedy, character comedy, musical comedy…

How did the Yukon Gold Comics come together?

An Australian theatre director was up here for a Guild play, saw a comedy night while she was here, wanted to bring Yukon comedy to Adelaide and put out a call for submissions. George Maratos, Jenny Hamilton, Steve McGovern, Claire Ness and Anthony Trombetta were invoted by the jury, but Anthony could not commit to the trip so here we are: us 4!

You all have diverse backgrounds. How is this reflected in the performance?

The show is a bit like a vaudeville review, so each person gets their time, with me hosting in between with songs and character bits.
That means that if you don’t like one comic, the next one is very different and bound to please. But all of us are hilarious so hopefully most people will love the whole thing!

You’re taking this show on the road. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

This Friday, January 4th in Dawson will be the world premiere of A Grizzly Took My Bébé.
Then onward we go!…
January 11 – Waston Lake
January 18 – Mickey D arrives to direct and refine the show for Australia
January 25 – Haines Junction
January 29 to February 2 – Whitehorse
February 23 to March 18 – Adelaide Fringe Festival in Australia (24 shows in 3 weeks)

The goal of this project is to crack the door open to national and international touring for Yukon comedians.
Yukon Gold Comics will be a changing and growing collective to take on future projects.

Doors / bar opens at 7:30. Tickets $15 at the door. Come out and support emerging Yukon talent!


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