Education and Outreach

Kid’s Dance

dance katie

January 22 – April 2 (no class Mar 26)

Age Class Time Price
3-4 Tiny Tutus & Tights 3:15-3:45 $77
5-6 Dynamite Dancers 3:45-4:15 $77
7-9 Junior Jazz 4:15-5:00 $86
10-13 Jazz 5:00-5:45 $86

Tiny Tutus and Tights – ages 3-4
Children in this class will have the chance to explore movement in a creative, safe environment. Participants will learn about time, rhythm, shape, and level and apply these skills to movement. All while having fun!

Dynamite Dancers – ages 5-6
In this class, children will explore movement and dance, learning timing, rhythm and basic steps. Basic beginner ballet skills will be taught including barre, good posture, carriage and presentation. The children will learn a short dance to perform at the last class.

Junior Jazz – ages 7-9
Come and learn to dance with kid-friendly top hits in a fun and energetic environment. This class will still focus on beginner ballet skills, but will quickly advance and children will learn beginner jazz steps, cross-floor routines and combinations. A short dance will be performed on the last class.

Jazz – 10-13
This is a high-energy jazz class focused on fun. Children will experience a dance warm up, stretching, cross-floor routines, mastering steps, and learning combinations. They will also have the chance to explore and create their own combinations that will later be incorporated into a dance, which will be performed on the last class.

Please note: All children should come to class wearing comfortable dance attire, with their hair tied back, and ballet slippers or bare feet.  Parents will be asked to wait outside the dance studio during the classes, but there will be a watching day on the last class.

Call KIAC at 993-5005 for more info or to register. Pre-registration required.


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