Dawson City International Short Film Festival 2013


Someone had to post this. Here’s a snap of the epic amounts of bacon that ODD Gallery Director Evan Rensch prepared, one baking sheet at a time, to spoil folks at the Film Fest’s Saturday Brunch.

dcisff bacon

I believe there was even one more tin foil package of greasy goodness that followed after this … !

The brunch happens each Film Fest’s Saturday morning at the Macauley House, the two-storeyed, two-bedroomed, two-studio’d abode that KIAC rents to run the Artist in Residence program year-round. DCISFF resident filmmakers – Christina Battle and Brian Lye  – generously allowed the crowd of visiting filmmakers & friends invade the kitchen, living room and downstairs studio for the morning feast.

The ODD Gallery Committee volunteers annually to cook for the gathering of caloric excellence. Gail Calder once again headed a team of waffle-makers to wrangle three waffle irons, and other members brought baked goods, quiche, fig-stuffed phyllo pastries, fruit, breakfast potatoes, yogurt, ingredients for mimosas …. I won’t try to list who made what just so I avoid missing anyone’s name, but want to send big thanks to all the bakers & cooks! Also, Evan, thanks to you & your girlfriend for being willing to let the clean, fresh air in your apartment get saturated with the aroma of bacon.

And yes, there was a free-flow of the most important morning ingredient of all, the one that helps transition from dream-state to actual talking: COFFEE. Garnished, for some, with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Take a production still of that.

– Meg Walker, writer,  filmmaker, drawing fiend


One thought on “bacon

  1. This year’s brunch was fabulous! I know the Gallery Committee does this every year, but this year seemed extra-supergood.

    Thanks to the committee for their hard work!

    Here is my (un)patented mimosa recipe:

    1. Pour champagne into a glass.
    2. Look at the jug of orange juice.
    3. Shrug.
    4. Finish filling your glass with champagne.

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