Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Symposium – Schedule of Events


The Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Symposium 2nd Edition promises to expand on last year’s amazing inaugural event. The weekend will begin on Friday, Aug 16 at 6:30pm with an opening event featuring an exhibition of Atlantic Canadian print work curated by Michael McCormack, the launch of a collaboration with Eye Level Gallery in Halifax through its Printed Matter Residency, readings, and artist talks. 

The weekend will continue with a dynamic program of workshops, open studios, hands on demonstrations, and discussions on design, print culture, publishing, print making, and writing. This weekend event will be held in the historic Dawson Daily News building presented by artists from across Canada. 

Schedule of Events:
FRIDAY, AUGUST 16th, 6:30pm
– Launch Event featuring: Exhibition opening and discussion with curator Michael McCormack

-The Kitchen Party: Atlantic Canadian Printed Matter

-A reading by award winning playwright and filmmaker, and current Berton House writer-in-residence, Colleen Murphy

-The launch of a publication created in Eye Level Gallery’s Printed Matter Residency and demonstration by Andrew McLaren
SATURDAY, AUGUST 17th, Noon – 2:30 pm
Workshops: $10. Sign up in Advance at KIAC (867 993 5005)

-Woodblock Printing Workshop w/ John Steins

-Letterpress Printing Hands-on Demonstrations w/ Peter Braune

-Writing Class: Improve Your Creative Writing Skills w/ Colleen Murphy

-Drop-in Open Studios
SATURDAY, AUGUST 17th, 3 – 5:30 pm
-Workshop: Alternative Printmaking Workshop w/ Jo Cook

-“New Titles from Babel Press” Ongoing Letterpress Project w/ Ray Fenwick

-Hands-on Bookbinding Demonstrations w/ Shannon Gerard

-Discussions on Printed Matter w/ Michael McCormack
SUNDAY, AUGUST 18th, Noon – 2:30 pm
-Workshop: “What Can a Publication Be?” w/ Shannon Gerard

-Workshop:The Plastic Bookwork w/ Andrew McLaren

-Interactive Printmaking w/ Jo Cook

-Free Workshop: “The Independent Publisher & More” in Two Parts

-Self-Publishing w/ Dan Dowhal

-“Self-Publishing, Non-Self-Publishing, Selfish Publishing: Book works by Ray Fenwick.”

-Letterpress Printing Hands-on Demonstrations w/ Peter Braune

For more information on workshops, interactive projects, participating artists, or how to register please contact KIAC at 867-993-5005. Please pick up a Riverside Arts Festival 2013 program for detailed descriptions.


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