Dawson On Screen

August 4, Tonight at 7pm in the Palace Grand

Dawson on Screen!

From what really goes on behind the dressing room doors at the hockey rink to well… what some of our “behinds” are really like, these works by Dawson City filmmakers gives a true sense of what life is like in the modern  “City of Gold”.


Time Lines

Suzanne Crocker, 2009, Animation, 3.5m

Wrinkles re-examined.

 My Indian Bum

Kerry Barber, Yukon Territory, 5m

Yeah, it is true … most First Nations have flat bums. So what of it?

Ice Road To Tuk

Meg Walker, 2010, Experimental, 4

The Arctic winter offers miracles. You can walk on water – even drive on it. Ice Road to Tuk is a spontaneous response to being a blip of humanity on the daunting Mackenzie River Delta between Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories. An ice highway trance in two seasons.

 Her Man Plan

Lulu Keating, 2011, Drama, 5m

When Stephanie was a kid, she decided that in the year 2010 she would take a man to father her children. In her isolated northern community in the Yukon, ‘the odds are good but the goods are odd’.

 Dawson City Oldtimers

Troy Suzuki, Yukon, 2010, Mockumentary, 12

Behind the scenes in the world of Dawson hockey.


The Romance of Helen Trent

Trina Buhler, 2011, Drama, 5m

The Romance of Helen Trent, created by Frank and Anne Hummert in 1933, was a radio soap opera which ran for a total of 7,222 episodes, more than any other radio soap. Rereleased as a lip-synced, one-woman, comedic-drama for the Dawson City 48 Hour Film Contest, The Romance of Helen Trent explores Helen’s ongoing search for romance after age 35.


Yukon Sprout
Curtis Collins and Susu Robin, 1m, 2013

The art of training a dog to skijor is examined in this film made for the Dawson City 1 Minute Film Challenge


Launching of the George Black Ferry

Karen MacKay, 2012, Documentary, 5m

The process of a spring ritual.



Soft Spoken

Evan Rensch and Aubyn O’Grady, 2011, Documentary, 5

They say that once you learn, you never forget – but what if it’s January in Dawson City? Over the course of this endearing documentary, a young man confronts his childhood fear of riding a bicycle on a cold winter day. Co-winner of KIACs 48 Hour Film Competition.



Kathryn Hepburn, 2011, Animation, 2 m

Created entirely on an iPad for the Tab2 workshop at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture, this film is a look at the director’s childhood through the act of making her favourite sandwich.


From the Ashes
Dan Sokolowski, 2009, documentary, 4m

A film about the rejuvenation of life from the ashes of forest fires. 
A forest is re-imagined and rejuvenated through mixed media,
live footage and hand-painted images
create a textural visual experience. Photographed along the Klondike Highway.



Veronica Verkley, 2012, Documentary, 10 m

An historical treatise recalling the methods and
practice of traditional modes of transportation unique
to the Klondike district of the Yukon. A documentary
combining found archival footage, B&W stills, and
contemporary interviews






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