Thaw-di-Gras All Ages Concert!

Sat, March 15 at 7pm
Odd Fellows’ Ballroom

Various performers whose skills have been honed at the monthly coffee house concerts will perform followed by a feature set from Noosa. Noosa has been enamoured with Dawson City and its landscape of colourful characters since her first visit in 2008. Now a year-round resident, Noosa has begun to find her creative voice and released her first album entitled “Wild North”, which was written over the course of last summer and produced by long-time Dawson-frequenter, Nathan Tinkham.

The album has elements of both light and dark, and with its old western sound tries to capture the contradictory sentiments of being both lost and found at the same time. The album is currently undergoing a college radio campaign in the US, and has been dubbed “Gorgeous!” by CBC Radio 1.

Noosa has recently returned from her first cross-Canada tour, and has plans to record another album soon.

By Donation

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