DIY YOUR FILM with Ingrid Veninger
April 12, 10-5pm, SOVA 4D room
A master class in micro-budget filmmaking (from initial concept to marketing and exhibition). This will be a hands-on workshop course exploring the art, jobs and skills of the independent filmmaker. Through exercises and case study presentation, participants will learn practical skills relevant to the production of short dramatic films: budgeting, scheduling, locations, contracts, working with actors, production and post-production planning, workflow, running the set. In particular, the workshop will stress that there is no single ‘right’ way to do anything, and will explore varied solutions, based on the variables of time, budget, vision, access, and story.

Funded by the Yukon Film and Sound Commission. Thanks to KIAC and Yukon SOVA.

Born in Bratislava and raised in Canada, Ingrid Veninger formed pUNK Films Inc. in 2003 with a ‘nothing is impossible’ manifesto. An award-winning producer, Ingrid’s credits include 6 feature films in the past 6 years: GAMBLING, GODS AND LSD (TIFF 2002, Genie Award Best Documentary), THE LIMB SALESMAN (TIFF 2004, Gotenborg, Vladivostok), ONLY (TIFF 2008, Rome, Slamdance), NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY (TIFF 2008, 10 Genie Nominations including Best Motion Picture, Karlovy Vary, Mannheim-Heidelberg). MODRA (TIFF 2010, Canada’s TOP TEN, Bratislava, Sao Paulo), i am a good person/i am a bad person (TIFF 2011, MoMA, Goa), and THE END OF TIME (TIFF 2012, Masters Programme, Locarno, Busan, IDFA). In 2012, Ingrid executive produced 5 features for $5000, and launched the 1KWAVE in Toronto. THE ANIMAL PROJECT (World Premiere, TIFF 2013) is her latest feature as writer/producer/director. http://www.punkfilms.ca


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