Dawson City International Short Film Festival 2014 / Film Fest

2014 DCISFF Award Winners

As challenging as it was to sort through hundreds of submissions in order to put on the 15th Dawson City International Short Film Festival, it’s even harder to pick the winning entries. The DCISFF screenings offer so many quality short films, in a wide variety of genres and formats, and spanning the gamut from hilarious to heartrending,  that juries and audiences alike have great difficulty singling out individual films for awards.

Nevertheless, the hand wringing and agonizing is over, and the decisions have been made. Congratulations to all the filmmakers whose films were displayed over the four days of the Festival, but special kudos to these entries selected for formal recognition for the Lodestar Award (for best film from outside the Yukon), Audience Award, and MITY (Made in the Yukon) awards.

DestroyerLodestar Winner
by Kevan Funk
 MohawkMidnightRunnersYukon Brewing Audience Award
Mohawk Midnight Runners
by Zoe Hopkins
 SelPortraitWithMigraineMITY Award
Self-Portrait with Migraine
by Kathryn Hepburn
 McFarlaneMITY Award (Runner Up)
My Friend Anne
by Arlin McFarlane
 LikeARiverMITY Emerging Artist Award
Like a River
by Erin McKnight
 DealWithItSisterMITY Emerging Artist Award
(Runner Up)

Deal With it Sister
by Julie Robinson
 YouDontKnowJackMITY Youth Award
You Don’t Know Jack
by Kyle Nixon

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