Free Harmony Singing Workshop

Sat, June 14 at 2PM.
Odd Fellows’ Ballroom

Bluegrass Harmony Singing Workshop with Janet Beazley & Chris Stuart
Sat, June 14th at 2pm at the Odd Fellows’ Ballroom, FREE.
Please register in advance at KIAC (993 5005)

Veteran performers and workshop instructors Janet Beazley & Chris Stuart are here to teach their popular introductory class in Bluegrass harmony singing. This fun and friendly class is appropriate for beginners and more experienced singers who want to improve their harmonizing skills. We will work on finding harmony parts by ear, arranging the trio stack, harmonizing in duos, trios and quartets, as well as tips on how to refine vocal blend, intonation, and phrasing.
While Bluegrass trio singing is the focus of this class, these harmonizing skills can be applied to any style of song where singing by ear is appropriate: old time, folk, country, pop, rock, jazz, hymns and traditional holiday songs.


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