Bob Bossin’s Davy the Punk, Sept 28


Bob Bossin’s Davy the Punk
A Story of Bookies, the Mob, Toronto the Good and my Dad
Live at the KIAC Ballroom, Sept 28
Doors open: 7: 30 / Show: 8:00
Tickets on sale now!

Trailer at www.davythepunk.com

Davy the Punk is Bob Bossin’s one-man musical about his father’s life in the gambling underworld – a story that is, according to CBC’s Michael Enright, “fascinating… amazing and sometimes hilarious.”

Davy Bossin, Bob’s father, was born in Toronto’s notorious immigrant slum, the Ward, in 1905. Finding his way blocked by the rampant anti-semitism of the time, Davy blazed his own path in a new, vibrant, international industry – gambling. There he matched wits with cops and mobsters, grifters and grafters, crooks and judges. His court cases set precedents that affect us to this day.

Davy’s son Bob grew up to found Stringband, to pioneer Canadian indie music, and to write songs Pete Seeger praised as “funny, informative and inspiring at the same time.”

Now Bossin Jr. tells Bossin Sr.’s story, in a performance that is, according to musician and playwright Si Kahn, “the stuff of dreams and movies.” Says musician and author Leon Rosselson, “[Davy the Punk is] about fatherhood, family, immigrant life, political high life and the criminal underworld. Entertaining, illuminating and, at times, touching.”


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