Dawson City International Short Film Festival 2017 / ODD Gallery

Cold Cuts Video Festival’s Cosmic Histories Uses Sci-Fi to Probe Our Collective Psyche

Cold Cuts festival producer Nicole Rayburn introduces Cosmic Histories curator Kate Armstrong at the festival opening event.

For the past five years, the Cold Cuts Video Festival has been held in conjunction with the Dawson City International Short Film Festival. Originally conceived by Nicole Rayburn, who has been its producer ever since, Cold Cuts is a curated exhibition at the ODD Gallery of video works by contemporary Canadian artists.

This year’s theme is “Cosmic Histories” curated by Kate Armstrong. The exhibit features five videos that use science fiction as a way to investigate landscape, politics, and identity.

The Final Frontier Part I and II iare part of an ongoing project by Toronto video and performance artist Camille Turner. It chronicles the voyage of African astronauts, descendants of the Dogon people of West Africa, who have returned to Earth after 10,000 years to save the planet.

TimeTraveller™ is a work by Mohawk multimedia artist Skawennati. It tells the story of a young hunter-warrior who immerses himself in a “technologically-enhanced vision quest” through the TimeTraveller™ edutainment system that allows him to visit historical events such as the Dakota Sioux uprising and the Oka Crisis.

   In Rum and Coca Cola, artist David Tomas explores connections between military technologies deployed by the Canadian Army at Oka and stereotypes developed by post-World-War-II “American Imaginary Culture” relating to the lifestyle, media, and landscape to be experienced by white, middle-class, middle-aged, post-1950’s space-age connoisseurs.

With Lost in Time Patrick Bernatchez produces a rich, cinematic document that references the epic scale of early cinema, placing a mysterious figure who voyages on horseback within a white enormity that “emphasizes the ahistoric monumentality of the land.”

Following an afternoon opening reception on Friday, the exhibit will be open for viewing on Saturday 15 April from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday 16 April from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.


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