Dawson City International Short Film Festival 2017

2017 DCISFF Award Winners

Like Mother, Like Daughter:
Tess Crocker receives the MITY Youth Award from festival director Dan Sokolowski

To borrow a cliché, they’re all winners. With the sea of submissions faced by the Dawson Film Fest’s selection committees, just to make the cut and be screened at DCISFF is an accomplishment in its own right.  And certainly, given the amount of work required to make a movie – short or otherwise – all the participating filmmakers deserve kudos. Selecting just a handful for prizes can therefore seem a bit unfair. Still, as is the custom with film festivals, awards are expected and therefore presented. Certainly, this sort of official recognition has the potential of boosting a movie’s cachet or abetting a filmmaker’s career, however modestly, so here is the list of the 2017 award winners.

MITY (Made in the Yukon) Professional Artist 
Underdog by Naomi Mark and Vivian Belik
MITY Emerging Artists Award
Ice Flow by Cynthia Hunt
MITY Youth Award
Seeing Eye Dog by Tess Crocker
Audience Choice Award
“The Talk” True Stories about the Birds and the Bees
by Alain Delannoy, Manitoba
LodeStar Award (Best Film from Outside the Yukon)
Srorrim by Wayne Wapeemukwa , B.C.



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