2010 Summer Exhibitions / Jessica Viens / Meg Walker

2 new shows opening at the Confluence Gallery this Saturday!

Jessica Viens Crush or be Crushed: It’s a state not a question July 2 – July 19 Downstairs Gallery A series of sculptures that represent the prototypical personifications of the artist’s crushes Meg Walker air ÷ wing July 2 – July 19 Upstairs Gallery A series of string-art drawings that explore bird flight patterns Opening … Continue reading

2010 Summer Exhibitions / Ilgvars and John Steins

Let the Art Speak for Itself: An Interview with Ilgvars Steins

Originally appeared in the June 16, 2010 issue of the Klondike Sun ———– When I sat down to talk with Ilgvars Steins about his current exhibition at the Confluence Members’ Gallery at SOVA, intending to ask questions about the works on display, he immediately told me “if the work doesn’t speak for itself, then we … Continue reading