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Trio Accord Outreach Concert

“Where are we?” asked Andrew Brown of Trio Accord to the group of Robert Service School grade 3 students, kindergarteners, and Tr’inke Zho Daycare students.
“Dawson City!” they answered with gusto.
“And where is Dawson City?” asked Andrew.
“Right here!” they shouted unanimously.
“And we are so happy to be right here!” replied Andrew with a smile.

In addition to being a phenomenal classical trio that earned a standing ovation at their Sunday night KIAC performance, Trio Accord are music educators who love performing for small groups. In between songs at their Monday morning outreach concert, violist Brown, violinist Mary Sokol Brown, and cellist Ariel Barnes taught the kids musical concepts such as bars, beats, theme and variation, and different types of classical dances like waltzes and minuets. Because the group was small (and so well-behaved!), the trio invited the kids to gather around them for the final song, which Brown described as “a little bit rock and roll.” It was a wonderful opportunity, and great fun for everyone involved.

Here’s a slideshow of some photos from the outreach concert.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

KIAC extends a big thank you to Whitehorse Concerts, our partner in presenting Trio Accord in concert at KIAC on March 6th and for the outreach concert with Robert Service School and Tr’inke Zho Daycare on March 7th.

KIAC also gratefully acknowledges support from YTG Tourism & Culture.



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