Film Fest

Rozalind Macphail’s Painted Houses, a play by play recap

-I arrive a bit early so I can get some food at the concession stand. I run into Lance Blomgren in line. He tells me that he’s already had chicken curry and sushi, and is about to get pizza. This is why they call it the International Short Film Festival.
-Rozalind tells us that she composed all of the music in 2.5 weeks!
-She also has a pretty great laugh, which she employs often. It’s hearty, choppy, unabashed, and not quite unlike this:

(In this analogy, I am Brendan Fraser.)
-The tilt-shift photography of Small Painted Houses combined with Rozalind’s flurry of flute trills easily creates a sense of magic. I am reminded of Eva Quintas, the most recent exhibiting artist in the ODD Gallery, who aptly described Dawson as a “fictional” place. I’ve never been to St. John’s, but I get the sense that there’s a kinship between that coast and ours.
-The princess in the woods nearly brings me to tears. I just… really love princesses.
-Tyler Burry’s Mile 1, with its bass-y club soundtrack, proffers St. John’s as a really quaint Matrix, or the most delightful rave. I’m sold.
-Ok, this Jelly Beans film is the best.
-Wait, St. John’s has a place called Hill O’Chips? Now I’m super sold. I may never leave!
-I just… really love chips.
-Note to self: purchase domain name for, make millions.
-That kitty in (s)no is making me so nervous! Get inside, kitty! It’s cold!
-The percussion tracks, provided by Brad Weber of Caribou, are really hitting the spot.
-Man, St. John’s is full of puns. A clothing store called Model Citizens? Well played.
-After the screening I take a closer look at the animation set created by the students at Yukon SOVA. The figures in this miniature Pit are so grotesque– even the lady curler with the cat sweater. I’m looking forward to seeing the film!
-Exiting KIAC, I see Holly Haustein, Kirsten Lorenz, and Meshell Melvin huddled together in conversation. I have found, literally, the colourful 5%. Well, the colourful 3.75%. You need Lulu Keating to complete that glorious sartorial rainbow explosion.
-The Film Fest crowd has made a mass exodus to Bombay Peggy’s. One fine year, some genius will finally make that zipline.
-I have just finished a Corona and a bag of Cheetohs. I am blissed out on the combination of the unparalleled flavour of relaxation with dangerous cheesiness.
-Shortly after midnight, I tear myself away from a spirited discussion of Saskatoon berries to make the trek home. It’s been a great start to Film Fest.



2 thoughts on “Rozalind Macphail’s Painted Houses, a play by play recap

  1. I ate Cheetos last night too! Were yours the crunchy kind or the puffy ones? I just… really love Cheetos.

    And I just… really love this post!

  2. Roz forwarded me the link here. Great post. I made (s)no and I just wanted to let you know that was my neighbour’s kitty, and he is alive and well.

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